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Nat Anderson’s painting practice is driven by the desire for life long learning. Living a ‘sea affected life’ in the shadow of the ancient You Yangs, the landscape and the ocean around our beautiful town continues to be enough to keep her captivated as an artist and a seeker. Nat is still driven by what Goethe called a ‘delicate empiricism’ that transformative way of encountering the natural world and the sustained effort to understand it’s phenomena through the powers of human perception.

There is a fascination to me in capturing the atmospherics in these landscapes that have both a timelessness but also elements that are in constant flux. It is this tension between change and timelessness that keeps me coming back to the ocean. In this work I have been particularly focused on where the water meets the land – the shoreline or the rock ledge. In a sense the work is both about my very personal meetings with the shorelines I wander along as well as more literally about depicting the activity that happens where ocean meets the land.

3 thoughts on “Landscape painter

    1. Hi Mariana,
      Prices range from around $500 for works on paper to $7500 for large oil on linen. You can check out available work at the Galleries I have listed 🙂 Thanks so much. Feel free to check out my instagram .. natandersonartist for upcoming works and shows.
      Have a lovely day

  1. Hello Natalie,
    I have been searching for years for a painting of a beach with stormy skies that evokes for me my beloved Point Lonsdale. I still hope that I will be able to retire here, but in the meantime spend as much time here as possible.
    I’ve not yet found ‘my’ painting that takes me there whenever I want. But I have seen two of your sold works that I love and that really hit the spot.
    I really enjoyed your last exhibition at Salt Gallery but I wonder if you would be prepared to accept a commission for something more akin to the paintings I love.
    I hope you don’t mind that I have screen-shots of the paintings in question.
    May I send them to you? And if so, where ? I can’t see anywhere to attach them here.
    If you would be prepared to have a conversation with me, my phone number is 0407680231.

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